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You certainly did suprise me! I walked down to my gate at 7pm Christmas Eve, and there they were : Four beautiful packages from you. UPS will set packages inside my locked gate with no muss-no fuss.

 You certainly went the extra mile to make my Christmas perfect. With the high degree of consumer satisfaction you strive for - 2011 will certainly be your best year ever!

Bernadette and Cats



The 360 Mini Condo is designed for cat lovers by cat lovers. Each cubicle is roomy enough to allow a loft for more surface area.

Two compatible felines are cosy in each cubicle. Clamp on water dishes prevent spills and playful mischief.

The assembly was so easy, I was able to put it together without the instructions.

I have purchased three units so far. The two older units have no visible wear. They have held up beautifully over the past few years.

The only place I noticed corrosion was on a couple of wing nuts and clamp bolt heads. One of my Tomcats is a sprayer (the only one), and whatever he hits will corrode over time. Fortunately the units are outdoors.

I cant say enough for this excellent product. I hope to buy another one sometime this year.

Please send me a catalogue


Bernadette McColl

Riverside, California




We are so pleased with the kitty condo 520.  We
tested it out yesterday with them and they really
liked it, spacious and comfortable.  Your workmanship
is amazing as it all fit together like a porsche.
Thanks again for your good work !
Happy Customer !


Farmington, NY



Thanks for the timely service and shipping - we have put the cages together already today,

and they look great! Can't wait to see how the cats respond to them for boarding and how they wear.....

thanks again - we will recommend you to anyone that asks about the cages!

Dave and Terri





Just wanted to say that my cage stood up to 90mph winds, left the earth and returned. All that was needed to get it back in working order were 2 latches and some clips which the folks at Ultra Lite sent out on a moments notice.

Thank You




Aug 2011

I was looking for a way to take my dog with me to work, but since I ride a bicycle to save fuel I wasnt able to do it and had to find a sitter. I was introduced to the new Sling2Go and purchased one. I love it. Mr. Tinks never liked to wear doggie clothes or anything of the sort. After wearing the harness once and getting to go with me on the bicycle he now gets excited everytime I grab it and even helps me put it on him. I reccomend this product to anyone that wants to have their pet with them but still wants to enjoy freedom of mobility to take care of buisness, and piece of mind knowing they are safe and secure. I feel this will only build a stronger bond between pet and owner. Thanks to all of you at Ultra Lite for offering such a wonderfull product.

Rachael From Medford Oregon


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